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“I believe that art can Transmit Joy

I believe that art can Transform Sorrow

I believe that art can Change Mindset

I believe that art can Heal Hearts

I believe that art is magic”

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What is Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapy?

Holistic Arts Therapy can be a way to communicate for individuals who are looking to find ways
to support expression of their thoughts and feelings verbally without worries of being judged, as
there is no such thing as failing when you create art. This process helps to support people by
feeling sense of accomplishment and building self-confidence.
Holistic Creative Art Therapy is a tool that provides support in communication and expressing
emotions both verbally and non-verbally. The brain is stimulated by creating art, and music
and produces higher levels of dopamine. This important for any individual in need of this
support with daily life skills.
Expressing creativity through art and music also elevates serotonin and reduces stress levels.
Used therapeutically, artmaking can also improve the symptoms above in individuals who may
have learning, emotional, physical and communication difficulties, or trauma related
difficulties, or for those who purely just enjoy being creative.
In a variety of ways, this therapy can be highly beneficial in addressing the daily challenges
people may face.

What happens in Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapy?

Using creativity, inspiration, and imagination to create wellness, positivity, and happiness in
people’s lives.

What are the benefits of Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapy?

Art’s therapy can support self-discovery, connection with self and improve self esteem
Art’s therapy can support with overcoming fear, and challenges people may face
Arts Therapy can support more positivity and fulfilment in life, and develop a healthy self
Arts Therapy can help to heal inner child wounds
Art Therapy supports of belief in abilities, helps with memory and adjusting to transitions and

Who can participate in Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapy?

Absolutely anyone! There is no age limit or barrier
One does not need a problem to fix, to need art therapy
One can simply just enjoy being creative

The different kinds of Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapy:

Music and movement
Sound healing
Percussion and rhythm drumming
Visual art
Role Play
Song writing
Aroma Therapy

What is Sound Healing & Meditation?

Sound healing is a self-care practice that uses sound vibrations such as vocal or instrument like
gongs, singing bowls and cymbals to relax your mind and body.
It is believed to support ailments including anxiety and insomnia.
Meditation is a practise of focused concentrations to help to bring yourself back to the
moment, to become grounded and connected to yourself and the earth by listening to a guided
script of words or sounds.
Meditation is a way of bringing your attention and awareness to your breath, and can also
support in reducing areas of anxiety, chronic pain, depression, heart disease. In practising
meditation, one can develop breathing techniques to use with them in moments of need.
Anyone can practise mindfulness and meditation can look different to each individual. Some
may like to listen to a story, others may like to listen to calming music, where as meditation can
be simply just sitting for a few moments. Any time spent to bring your mind to the breath can
support overwhelming emotions.

Musical wellness sessions

Designed for those looking for enjoyment, inspiration through music and to explore opportunities to
learn instruments such as guitar, vocals, drums and percussion and piano

Song writing sessions

Sessions created to connect and collaborate using a variety of song writing techniques, and styles


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